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    Question Problems streaming smoothly


    I am testing a Demo copy of wowza to see if it works, and while it is promising I am running into quite a few problems.
    For one, while trying to view a live stream on a mobile device, it plays for a few seconds and then stops to buffer. When I look at the network usage graph on the server I see ups and downs corresponding to the stoppages in play. How can I get this thing to play a steady stream?

    This machine has a gigabit ethernet card, and only one connection is being made from the iPhone on local WLAN to the server on the same LAN.

    How can I embed a player on a webpage that can play the right stream based upon the user's system. For example I want a page and on that page an embedded player that will play the video in the page for everyone from MaxOSX, Windows XP, Android, Blackberry, iOS, etc.
    I saw the SMIL files, but I can't get those to work, and there's no helpful guide that I have found that shows me steps for coding the front end of the player in HTML.

    Any help on these two issues is appreciated.

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    Hi there,
    What are your encoder settings? For iOS you need to use h.264 video with a profile of "baseline"

    Also, to your second question, take a look at JW Player:
    JW Player
    How to use JW Player with Wowza Streaming Engine
    How to use JW Player with adaptive bitrate streaming from Wowza Streaming Engine


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    Quote Originally Posted by salvadore View Post
    Hi there,
    What are your encoder settings? For iOS you need to use h.264 video with a profile of "baseline"

    For the Transcoder Add-On I have the following settings
    Fallback Profile: Transrate
    (The stream I am testing is the 360p profile. In the Demo, I am only able to use Source, 160p 360p)
    For 360p I have:
    Video Codec: H.264
    Video Bitrate: 897000 bits per second (bps)
    Encode Implementation: QuickSync
    GPU ID: Use first available GPU
    Profile: Baseline
    Key Frame Interval: Same as source (required for transrating)

    Fit Mode
    640 pixels
    360 pixels

    Audio Settings

    Audio Codec: Passthrough

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    Is the audio MP3? If so it is recommended to use 44100Hz. You might try transcoding the audio to AAC.
    Have you tested the 160p stream? And have you tested playback of the ngrp output from the Transcoder?


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