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Thread: Stream quality configuration

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    Question Stream quality configuration

    Hello Wowza, Good day!.... Where can i config the stream quality? or is there any .xml file to config it?..we are using Wowza 4.3 by the way..and also we use smil (e.g mp4:QzeJAUj3bRRR.smil )

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    The quality is based on the stream you send in from your live encoder, if you are live streaming,
    and/or the encoding quality of the media file if doing Video on Demand streaming.
    So most all quality improvements are done before introducing the stream or file to the Wowza Streaming Engine.
    If you are interested in providing different quality streams for Adaptive Bitrate Streaming take a look at this guide


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    thanks , btw any idea why my encoder keeps dropping like it goes as high as 1095kb/s but after a couple of second it goes to 300kbs sometimes 0kbs?

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    I assume this is some kind of fault or setting in the encoder itself and you should contact the manufacturer or user guide to see if this can be resolved.


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