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Thread: Securing the edge - Relaying abuse

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    Default Securing the edge - Relaying abuse


    We have a wowza-edge-server 3.1.2, which is abused as a rtmp - relay server.
    The module ModuleRTMPAuthenticate is installed and working.
    StreamNameAlias is installed and it seems to be working.

    URLs which hit our server look like this one:

    The URLs are redirected by our server and sadly - they are working: how can we avoid this?

    Thanks for help!


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    If you make the StreamType "live" and start the streams you want on the edge(s) using StartUpStreams with MediaCaster type "liverepeater", then this can't happen. Alternatively, as you have StreamNameAlias in place, you can limit what will work in the play alias file by adding allowed rules and removing the default rule.


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