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Thread: Test how many channels a server can handle

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    Default Test how many channels a server can handle

    I am running Wowza Streaming Engine 4.0.3 with transcoder addon. We have few transcoding licenses but we want to test full load.
    I tried to add more streams under an application, it seems that it only allows up to the number of licenses I have.
    If I am not mistaken it was possible in the previous version to add more channels but they had the watermark? In any case, is there a way to stress test the server?

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    This is correct. Each transcoded stream requires a transcoding license.
    Please take a look at the "Wowza Transcoder AddOn Performance Benchmark" article to get an idea on the server capacity when using a different number of transcoded stream on various types of servers.

    You should contact Wowza's Sales department ( and ask about available solutions for testing the transcoding capacity of your server.


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