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Thread: Live Repeater Origin-Edge and HTTP Caching Origin

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    Default Live Repeater Origin-Edge and HTTP Caching Origin


    Do you foresee any issues in setting up the origin in a live repeater origin-edge configuration as an HTTP Caching Origin? Would you recommend it?


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    It should work. You may have to packetize on the edge you use for that purpose. The Application.xml /Client /StreamReadAccess should be enabled, if you create a HTTP Origin app in the Manager you will have to modify that.


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    Any reason we cannot continue to packetize on the origin? It seems to work fine. The reason we are considering setting the origin as an HTTP caching origin is because our wowza edges are load balanced and if a user viewing an HLS stream gets routed to a different edge midway, that new edge should be able to continue serving the chunks.

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    What load balancer are you using? Depending on which, you may be able to set a timeout that it uses on a per connection basis to ensure there is no switching servers after a connection is initiated until that threshold is met.

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