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Thread: Securing incoming RTSP streams

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    Default Securing incoming RTSP streams

    I am using wowza media server to pull RTSP live streams from axis video encoders. I provide username and password as part of stream path in .stream file. This information is exchanged in plain text which makes it insecure. Is there anything i can do to secure the atleast the stream path? The full path is rtsp://usernameassword@ip/axis-media/media.amp

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    Hello there,

    If you have set the /RTP /Authentication /PublishMethod to "digest" in your Application.xml file, then it is not sent as plain text.

    I hope this is helpful.


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    I have set RTP / Authentication / PublishMethod and PlayMethod to digest in Application.xml file. I restarted the wowza service. This time i also removed username and password from the axis rtsp url in the .stream file. The new stream file looks like : rtsp://ip/axis-media/media.amp

    When i try to publish the stream, it doesn't connect to the RTSP stream source. I am using rtp-live application type.
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    Running wireshark shows the url exchanged is rtsp://ip/axis-media/media.amp and shows rtsp DESCRIBE and TEARDOWN events.

    Wowza logs show server comments for the request RTSP path mentioned above. It then issues a warning for Authentication requirement i.e. Username password not available. The session is finally close after RTSP/RTP re-streaming timeout.

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    Does it work if you use AuthenticationMethod "basic" ?

    Is the camera on a public IP? We might have to take a closer look. Re-start Wowza, start the stream and test playback in Wowza RTMP test player. Then zip up /conf and current access log showing re-start, stream start, and playback tests to Include a link to this thread for reference.


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