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Thread: Authenticate users problem

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    Question Authenticate users problem

    I installed Wowza Streaming Engine and I want only users with right username i password to see video. I'm trying ModuleOnConnectAuthenticate2. I installed the module, added required settings, create connect.password usernames and passwords. I use rtmp url:

    According to your tutorial I have to use this rtmp url rtmp://[wowza-ip]:1935/live/?user1&pass1. But how, where shall I put this code.

    Maybe I must accomplish this on some other way?

    And all your examples are with live application, can I use authentication on vod application?

    I'm desperate. Any help would be appreciate.

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    The module ModuleOnConnectAuthenticate2 should work fine for what you want to achieve. A quick test using the built in VOD app and sample.mp4 would be to use:

    So long as you have added the moduleOnConnectAuthenticate module (note: using the com.wowza.wms.plugin.collection.module.ModuleOnConnectAuthenticate2 class), added at least the rtmpAuthenticateFile property and created the password file as outlined here you should be good to go.


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