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Thread: Where can I find the rules of this Forum?

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  1. Default Where can I find the rules of this Forum?


    Can you tell me where can I find and re-read the rules of this forum? I think it was shown when I registered, but can't find it now.


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    As a general rule, 3rd party products(Wowza related) belong in the showcase forum

    As far as a list of "forum rules" I do not see anything written down at the moment.


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    Thank you, I see. The reason I was looking for the rules is that yesterday I saw that someone asked for code example to disconnect users for a specific stream name. I have written a related article that might be helpful and posted that there, along with some general advice. This was not meant to advertise my product. This post was changed to something completely useless crap, with the link removed and appended the message [removed the link to your product], which was as far as I remember not a link to any aproduct, but a link to one of my module development articles.

    To avoid such cases, I decided to ask for help from you guys, to better understand the rules here.

    Thank you and best regards

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    The Wowza Forums have from the very beginning been a place for customers to interact with each other and provide a platform to learn both how to use and extend Wowza Media Server/Wowza Streaming Engine for their needs. We have made a great effort to keep all information available either directly on the forums or pointers to articles we provide so allowing direct interaction with our customers

    In order to maintain a professional and customer centric forum we have specifically removed any advertising from the general posting areas be it direct, or in your case, indirect via 'helpful' posts to paid for services. If you wish to participate then providing advice, configuration, code examples directly is the preferred route.

    We do not tolerate any 'external' paid for sites attempting to generate a large number of links back to their own site and use us as a traffic generator for them.

    If you wish to post adverts for your services which are of a primarily paid for type then please use the ShowCase section.


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    Clear, thanks.

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