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Thread: Does wowza allow a "push-in" of streams like evostream and crtmpserver?

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    Default Does wowza allow a "push-in" of streams like evostream and crtmpserver?

    I'm interested in having several raspberry Pi's stream to a wowza server, and distributed from there. But, I would like for each RPi to be able to define its own stream name using ffmpeg and then push it to wowza. The client viewer would then need to enter the specific name to view that stream. crtmpserver and evostream allow for this with open ports at 1935 and 6666. Does wowza have this capability?

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    This sounds like an interesting project.

    You can publish a live stream to Wowza and give the stream its own unique name. So long as you've configured validation (or disabled it) within Wowza and the stream format is correct then the stream will be available. You will see it in the Incoming Streams page of the Streaming Engine Manager. Use the Test Player to view it in the various output formats.


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