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Thread: looking for web basied encoder for webcam

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    Default looking for web basied encoder for webcam

    looking around for a web biased encoder that will take the feed from a webcam and send it to wowza. I found webcam.swf but the quality is very very low, thir has to be something out these, the simpler the better.

    any ideas or pointers?

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    Do you have Wowza installed? Take a look at our example webcam player/encoder, which is accessible in the Wowza installation folder:

    The player is also hosted here:


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    yes i looked at that and a serrate webcam.swf the problem i have is they seem to stream at a very small size , so if i low up the image to 640 x 380 t is extreemy pixalated, i dont see any easy way to increase the cam quality. im using a Logitech c920 so it can go all the way upto 1080

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