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    Default Hard Disk Use

    Hey Everybody,

    I was looking the anality graph Usage in Wowza Streaming Engine and I noticed 79% of hard disk use. Doing a quick search I discovered that logs folder uses 70 % of space. So i would like know if there one way to clear "wowzastreamingengine_acess.log" and "wowzastreamingengine_error.log" after of a time. I see that threads Log files exceed disk space, Can i disable log files? but i did'nt want to disable only remove from time to time. Is it possible?

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    Take a look at this guide that shows how to setup rolling logs by time and size.


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    Hey Daren,

    Thanks for reply. In the guide is shown how create logs files based in time or size but i want remove log files after two day for example. How could I do this?

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    That's true, but the method in the guide also limits the total number of logs created, so there's less need to remove anything.
    However, the linux/unix logrotate command provides more flexibility with with scheduling and removing logs.
    There's a good write-up about logrotate here.
    There are also Windows versions available if that's your platform.


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    You should probably also look at why the log files are so large in the first place. They may be indicating an issue with the server or a module that has been added which is logging way too much.

    How large is the average access log file? Are the error log files close to the same size? Large error logs could indicate a problem. If there are just hundreds of files then it is probably ok to delete the older ones.

    If you're not sure, please zip up some of the recent files along with the conf folder and send to along with a description of the issue and a link to this thread.


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    Thanks for the replies Daren and Roger.

    So Roger the average is ~1 Gb for each file wowzastreamengine_access and wowzastreamengine_error. Log files are close with approximately the same size every day (they are created daily). These files are so large that don't open in NotePad++ or NotePad.

    One example in wowzastreamingengine_access:
    2014-08-06 00:08:45 UTC comment server INFO 200 - MediaStreamMap.removeLiveStreamPacketizer[live/_definst_/]: Destroy live stream packetizer: mpegdashstreamingpacketizer -

    And in wowzastreamingengine_error:
    MediaCasterConnection.connect: Failed to connect[] : org.apache.mina.common.RuntimeIOException: Failed to get the session[ConnectException: null].|at|at com.wowza.wms.mediacaster.MediaCasterConnection.connect(|at com.wowza.wms.mediacaster.rtp.RTPSessionDescriptionDataProviderBasicRTSPWorker.doConnect(RTPSessionD|at com.wowza.wms.mediacaster.rtp.RTPSessionDescriptionDataProvider => (this camera is off. It seems he does one of these for each camera off repeatedly).
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