One Step Away From Completion.
I have gone over everything, at least 20 times. Have been through the Tutorials step by step, no joy.
Waited 3 days for someone in the Customer Success division to get back to me, he hasn't.
Repeatedly referenced this post to try to troubleshoot this:
in fact in trying to, in my own limited way, set up the modem, i bricked it and it had to be replaced.

I am a Tab A Slot B person and were it not for Xara my site would not exist.
I am so far beyond frustrated it is not funny.
I don't need a referral to another tutorial, I need specific help.

Set Up Part 1:

Set Up Part 2:

Help Me Please.
I Am So Willing To Pay You 55.00 A Month.
Some assistance to make sure this works would be nice.
IMO not a lot to ask for the monthly investment involved.