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Thread: Inject audio into an existing video stream using server-side Publisher API

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    Default Inject audio into an existing video stream using server-side Publisher API


    We have such test case:
    1. User1 is publishing "video_stream1" with video only(H.264) to Wowza server via RTMP.
    2. User2 is playing back this "video_stream1" using Flash Player application.


    We have an external pre-recorded audio data "stream2".
    Is there way to inject this audio data into "video_stream1" which being playing back by User2?
    Result: User2 watches the video stream and hears the injected audio.

    Can we implement it using Wowza Server Side API? Any advices?

    Currently we are trying to use Publisher API. But it seems that the Publisher works with new streams only. But we need to reuse an existing playback stream and inject audio data into this existing stream...


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    Hi Alexey,
    Have you seen this module:
    How to add an audio track to a video-only stream (ModuleAddAudioTrack)

    I hope this helps.


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    Hi Alexey,

    This module was broken and a new version has been uploaded earlier today. Please make sure that you get build 12412 or later. You can get the build # from version.txt that is included in the download.


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