I have a stream being broadcasted in local network from a source. The stream can be played in VLC using rtp://@5000. This test was done in Windows system.

Now I am trying to restream the video using the Wowza 4 using Centos serever.

I can see the incoming stream at 5000 port.

12:02:56.576452 IP > UDP, length 1328
12:02:56.576479 IP > UDP, length 1316
12:02:56.576576 IP > UDP, length 1328
12:02:56.576709 IP > UDP, length 1328
12:02:56.576839 IP > UDP, length 1328
12:02:56.576966 IP > UDP, length 1328
12:02:56.577095 IP > UDP, length 1328
12:02:56.577225 IP > UDP, length 1328
12:02:56.577352 IP > UDP, length 1328
12:02:56.577421 IP > UDP, length 1316
12:02:56.577482 IP > UDP, length 1328
12:02:56.577609 IP > UDP, length 1328

Where is the source encoder IP and is the server IP where wowza 4 is running.

I followed the tutorial mentioned in

Hope this is the correct one for my scenario.

I am using "rtp://@5000" in my stream file to play the LIVE.
But I have not succeeded in that.

So my query is "rtp://@5000" in stream file is sufficient to play the stream. Or do I need other details as well.
Please let me know if more information required.

P.S. I have already enabled wowza to listen to the correct network interface.