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Thread: red5 to wowza: are events such roomConnect or roomJoin Available in Wowza ?

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    Exclamation red5 to wowza: are events such roomConnect or roomJoin Available in Wowza ?

    These events are very useful when you develop a multi room chat in red5

    public boolean roomConnect(IConnection conn, Object[] params){
    return true;

    public boolean roomJoin(IClient iclient, IScope iscope){
    return true;
    public void roomLeave(IClient iclient, IScope iscope) {

    Is something available in Wowza (roomJoin, roomLeave...)
    Any doc about it ?


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    Hi there,

    This forum thread may be a place to start:
    sharedobject vs

    I hope this helps.


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    One alternative to SharedObjects is NetStream.send and on the Flash RTMP client-side, corresponding to IMediaStream.send, IMediaStream.sendDirect, and and IApplicationInstance.broadcastMsg on the Wowza server-side.

    Take a look at the ServerSideModules example that ships with Wowza for a working reference for these methods and how to type data from one side to the other.


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