I have recently installed streaming engine/manager. I have been using Wowza for several years now for LIVE AUDIO STREAMING. I have 8 audio feeds going into the Wowza server which is I have each encoder pushing to,, etc. Each stream on a different port. My web page then lets you choose which feed to listen too. When I had this on a Mac server it all worked okay for Android and ios users. Now that it has been moved to Windows the users can select a feed but they now hear 2 feeds simultaneously. I don't know if I need a vhost for each feed, cannot find that info in Wowza docs. I have added all those ports in the vhost file and each feed allows connections. Here is my page url: http://www.legis.state.wv.us/live.cfm (on a mobile device) Can anyone give me a clue about this dilemma? Can anyone recommend a good consultant that I could hire to help me with Wowza? I need someone to call and talk to or someone that can come to my site. Wowza not providing phone support is their worst aspect even as good as the software is.