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Thread: Correct way to put live streams in Playlist

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    Default Correct way to put live streams in Playlist

    What is a correct way to put live stream in Playlist with ServerSide API?
    If I put just name Wowza searches for .stream file with this name. How to put published stream (without .stream file) in Playlist? And what to do if this stream is at another AppInstance or Application?

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    Hello there.

    You can start .stream files with the Wowza Manager UI or with Stream Manager. You can also add .stream files to the StartUp Stream list in the Manager or in the [install-dir]/conf/StartupStreams.xml file so that they start as soon as Wowza starts.
    Also, you can refer to the MediaCaster API:
    How to use the MediaCaster API


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    I want to add to playlist live streams published from another software. There are more than hundred of them, so I can't make so much .stream files manually.
    So, is there any way without creating .stream files? For example add all already published streams in one playlist?

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