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Thread: High-availability cluster Active/Active for video-chat application

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    Default High-availability cluster Active/Active for video-chat application


    I read trough most of the Wowza documents and searched through this forum, but did not find the answer I was looking for.

    We plan to build an active/active cluster as described here:


    We planned to create a flash based video-chat application as simple as the one provided by Wowza as example. This flash application tries to connect to a video-chat session on one Wowza server. Let's assume we have two Wowza servers in active/active and one party initiates the session on the Wowza server 1 and the other party tries to join that session via Wowza server 2.
    Is there a way to configure Wowza that those two servers start communicating internally and link those two parties to a cross-server bidirectional video-chat session?


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    Hi Marcel,

    I've replied to the ticket you raised with us. Thank you for submitting it.

    Kind regards,


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