I'm using DVEO Magnus DVB-S-S2 and trying to setup multibitrate stream to be pushed to wowza via udp.

1. I'm successfully sending single TS stream via UDP and using streammanager to start the stream.
stream file (test1.stream) udp://

2. When sending two bitrates both are sent on same port, the Master bitrate has PID 1 assigned and Member bitrate has PID 2.
On wowza side I'm creating two files
stream file (test11.stream) udp://
stream file 2 (test12.stream) udp://

On stream1 I get the signal it is streaming, on stream2 there is nothing happening.

Test: I have configured the same output to go on HTTP on the DVEO this way I can test the outgoing output in VLC player and when I opened in VLC both streams appear. So the PID configuration is ok.

Let me know if you noticing what is wrong with this scenario.