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Thread: Wordpress 2 Way Chat Wowza Integration ( need assistance please )

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    Unhappy Wordpress 2 Way Chat Wowza Integration ( need assistance please )

    Hello Friends,
    I know there may be a better category than "General" for this post, but I'm not sure where my issue lay, so I'm posting here for help. I have installed Wowza 4.0.3 on a linux system. I downloaded a 2 way chat plugin for wordpress called VideoWhisper 2 Way Chat. I've installed their application to my Wowza install folder and it appears that I have everything in place. I have the wowza streaming engine manager up and running where I can see my applications and I can see that when I go into a chat room on Wordpress I am in fact connecting to my Wowza RTMP server. However, I think I must have something missing or out of place. I'm not recieving video back. The wowza sem shows that I have data both coming in and out. The output is about 70% of what is coming in. Although no instructions on the VideoWhisper wowza set up mentioned setting up streams, I believe from reading documentation and threads on this site that that would be needed in order to actually have a video chat. I don't know how to set up the streams (or if they are actually needed.) If anyone has any experience settting up VideoWhisper products or Video chat with Wowza that would be great. So far from this experience I've decided that I like wowza and dislike VideoWhisper, however I must get this plugin working for the person I work for, unless there is a better free to set up option.

    Any assistance or guidance would be appreciated. I'm a front end developer with a little backend experience and this is my first video project.

    Michael Rosata

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    Hello Michael.

    I think your best bet would be to seek advice from a Wowza endorsed consultant.
    You can either email and request a consultant list, or you can post a request in the find a consultant forum.

    Thank you.


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    First try to disable P2P support from WP plugin settings.
    VideoWhisper apps, in addition to RTMP can also stream P2P over RTMFP but that's highly unreliable for regular internet connections. P2P can usually be used with good performance for users in same or close networks and sometimes for users that have public IPs.

    If you have questions or need assistance contact VideoWhisper staff from .
    Include testing details to try out your installation (link and credentials to access as user if needed).

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