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Thread: Add additional AMF-parameters in liverepeater

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    Question Add additional AMF-parameters in liverepeater


    I'm building a livestream-repeater that should repeat some livestreams from a Flash Media Server. The connect-method on the FMS requires some additional parameters that are used to authenticate the user.
    I'm able to add these additional parameters and dumping one of the streams using rtmpdump. See the following commandline - especially the -C parameters:

    rtmpdump -r rtmp:// -a myApp -y myStream -W -p "" -f "WIN 15,0,0,152" -o "d:\temp\a.flv" -V -B 600 -z -C N:2 -C N:8 -C N:1 -C N:33 -C S:abc_xyz -C S:"" -C S:"0" -C B:0
    I've created an application following these steps:
    But now I'm stuck in adding the additional AMF-Parameters to the connect-method. The parameter-values are static.

    Does anyone has an advice for me? Is it possible going this way? Do I Need to program a custom module? If yes: how?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Hello Tom

    It sounds as though you'd need a custom module. For this type of custom development, we have a consultants list we can provide you if you request it via



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