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Thread: Presentation using Wowza

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    Question Presentation using Wowza

    Hi, I would like to know if this can be made possible with Wowza or not. Lets say if I do presentation using my PowerPoint, Word or Excel from my laptop, can my audience (regardless of their location) see the current content shown on my screen over their own computer screen via Wowza?

    Thank you!

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    You can use a software encoder to capture your screen, encode that video feed and deliver that stream to your Wowza server.
    There are several encoders available that can do a screen capture. One example would be the Wirecast encoder.

    Also, you can use VLC to capture your screen, and then use it as an encoder for Wowza. Please take a look at this forum article describing "How to use VLC as a live stream encoder with Wowza".


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    Hi, armanmisdar .
    there are a lot of solution to make this.
    You can use third party tool
    like for capturing screen -> ManyCam will be used.
    streaming to wowza -> Adobe Live Media Encoder . ( here lots of alternatives exist , xsplit , vmix etc etc )

    If you want to do it by yourself , so you need to
    work with
    ffmpeg , unreal media , uscreencapture ,
    then you can stream over ffmpeg with the listing aviable data source
    ffmpeg -f dshow -list_devices true -i dummy
    It will show that microphone, manycam,uscreencapture.
    Then you can use ffmpeg again to stream
    ffmpeg -f dshow -i video="UscreenCapture":audio="Your mic" -vcodec libx264 ... -f flv rtmp://localhost/live?security=621MasNizCxXVzqfklLZi/desktop

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    Thanks guys! I will give it a try :-)

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