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    We're evaluating the Live Stream Recorder and are using the example modules listed in to run some tests. In, setting recordParams.recordData to false instead of true (line 146) still triggers a recording. We'd like to set the recording to true only for certain streams but it appears that this param is being ignored. Is this a know issue? Or should we be using another param? We're running Wowza 4.0.6.

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    Hi,vjagannathan . I'll test the code asap .While quick viewing the code without running , record params can be taken from properties and after
    that you can use sth like that
    recordParams.recordData = true (or false);
    vhost.getLiveStreamRecordManager().startRecording(appInstance, recordParams);
    Did you check the application.xml
    what is your streamtype ?
    Do you use nDvr addon ?

    Emre Karataşoğlu

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    Hi Emre,

    The code snippet that you pasted won't work for us since the stream details wouldn't be present during onAppStart. We were instead hoping to set the recordData param to true inside the onCreateRecorder() method on a stream-by-stream basis.

    The StreamType we're using is liverepeater-origin since we use the origin-edge configuration.

    We are using the nDVR add but not for this application. This is for regular live streams.

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    Hi vjagannathan , I can't send you pm , can you make it enable ?

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