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Thread: Looking for a Flash component that be embeded into web page for streaming

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    Question Looking for a Flash component that be embeded into web page for streaming

    Just realized the JW player is only a video player and it doesn't support capturing cam and upload the video stream.

    Does anyone know a good flash component that captures the web cam and can be embeded into web page for live streaming?

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    Anyone knows?

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    Wowza does provide an example player and application, nameed WebCamREcording, with Wowza Streaming Engine 4.1 and below.

    You'll find it in your Wowza Installation under [install-dir]/examples/WebcamRecording

    There's also an online version of the flash player/recorder here.


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    Thanks Daren. The provided sample is very simple and it's only for testing purposes. A lot of basic features (e.g. select camera source, specify resolution) are not provided. Do you know any Flash component that's available for commercial usage?

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    Hello andyww , for this issue you need to have a custom player . What do you expect player ?
    * Record live stream when click a record button , I want to ask that , capture video to server or the client-side ?
    * Upload video from the same screen ?
    Normally I develope archiving and stream recording , restreaming management panel and custom flash & html5 player.
    It's easy that recording active stream to server by clicking a flash or html button. All you need is calling rest api.
    Uploading video is easy to but I do not prefer make all the things in the same screen, I try to seperate different works to different web interfaces . Capturing is a module , Uploading is another module , my panel is a modular, but it can be handled in the same screen.
    Whenever you ask ,I can show my project demo , so contact me on skype or by email.

    Kind Regards,
    Emre Karatasoglu

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    Here are the features I can think of at moment. These should be common required features:
    1. Select camera source
    2. Select audio source
    3. Adjust video resolution
    4. Adjust volume
    5. Preview the video before streamed to the server
    6. APIs that JS can call (e.g. passing fmsurl, callback when status changed, adjust size etc.)

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