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Thread: How to get a 404 not found when stream file is unavailable

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    Default How to get a 404 not found when stream file is unavailable


    I use WowzaMediaServer 3.5.2.

    On my VOD platform, I would like to receive a 404 not found when a video doesn't exist.

    Currently when I send this kind of request:, I receive a HLS playlist but this list is empty.

    Is-it possible to configure Wowza to not send a playlist and reply by a 404 not found ?

    One of my customer, make a test on his environment with his own Wowza server (4.0.3). According to him, he received a 404.
    Is-it a new feature on the version 4 ?

    Thank you for you help,

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    I'd suggest giving it a test on your end using the latest version of Wowza (use your R&D license from your account portal under the "My Downloads" section) as I believe it should return 404 in the latter versions.



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