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Thread: Player disconnects randomly using port 80, but port 1935 works fine

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    Default Player disconnects randomly using port 80, but port 1935 works fine

    We're experiencing the Flash Player disconnecting when playing a live stream over port 80. The video just stops playing and goes black inconsistently. It might be 2 minutes, or it might be 10 minutes in. It happens across machines and in different browsers with different version of Flash Player. We've been told by the content provider (who uses Wowza) that the problem is on our end, but we temporarily opened port 1935 and the video plays just fine. Is there anything I can pass along to the company doing the streaming that might shed some light on the problem or point them in the right direction? Or, does this still seem like a problem on our end?


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    It does sound like a port 80 issue. There's generally lots more traffic (web related) on that port.
    You may want to try streaming from outside of your company, say from home or on a cellular data network, so
    something that eliminates your company network. See if there is improvement outside.
    However, if there is still a problem you can push back on the streaming provider.


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