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Thread: How unpublish transcoded streams programmably?

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    Question How unpublish transcoded streams programmably?

    We create chat application. Using Wowza 4.1.0 with Transcoder Addon (transrate template). H
    ave a problem:
    1. I start live stream with name stream_name
    2. Wowza create two transcoded streams with names stream_name_160p, stream_name_source.
    3. I unpublish live stream with name stream_name. Use netStream.publish(null) in actionscript.
    4. Transcoded streams exist even after the source has been unpublished.

    This code not work:
    When i use
    streams are destroyed, but they don't create when i publish source stream again.

    Thank you

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    Thanks, problem solved. In actionscript need close netConnection.

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