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    Default Wowza hack

    this is the first post for me
    I am using wowza streaming engine trial version before i buy it for my company
    I configured everything correctly and i am capable of streaming to multi-target devices and it works as smooth as it should be. I have only 1 application named "live"
    my problem is that after couple of hours I logged in to the wowza server and i found too many applications not created by me !!!!!
    i found something like shoutcast - webcamera.... and too many others !! I do know where these come from and i need to know if this is a hack !? and please any info about securing the server

    Thanks in advance

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    It sounds like someone was able to guess your username/password, perhaps set as admin/admin and therefore able to create applications as they wanted. If you server is accessable directly on the Internet then username/password combinations that can easily be guessed should not be used, this includes names, places etc.

    I would recommend changing your username/password , making sure only you know it and remove any unwanted applications.


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