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Thread: Create YouTube Live Event when stream starts

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    Arrow Create YouTube Live Event when stream starts


    I'm using wowza to pull streams from 6 cameras using RTSP. Wowza then creates overlays using transcoding.
    The cameras are turned off every night and possibly also during the day.

    I want to use live events on Youtube with the Push Publish module
    This is working 100% perfect when I manually every day create new live events on Youtube.

    I dont like spending time with that :-)

    Is it possible to trigger the live event creation on Youtube, if it doesn't exist whenever Wowza starts a new stream (eg. is able to connect to the camera)?
    I have looked at this,, but wondering if it can trigger itself? I need to start the live transmission as far as I've read.
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    I am not aware of such a functionality on Youtube.
    Did you try checking Youtube documentation to see if there is an API available that could to that?


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    There is an API that can do it all and it can be java, see link in first post.
    But can Wowza trigger this when a new stream is ready to be published if there isn't a Live event on YouTube already?
    Basically Wowza needs to trigger some code that checks if the stream already has a live event, and if not then insert a new live event, so that the Wowza Push Publish will work.


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    Isn't there a way to trigger when Wowza is able to connect to a new stream (RTSP)??

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    This request is still not completed. If anyone can do this, then please let me know

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    You should be able to create a custom module that triggers during the onPublish event that creates the YouTube channel and sets up the RTMP push publish session.

    1. Create a module that listens for the onPublish event. This should be possible through an event listener from the Wowza API.

    2. Create and configure the YouTube channel. Since this is a third-party library, I would encourage you to review the YouTube Developer documentation on how to set this up using Java.

    3. Setup the RTMP PushPublish session that will push the stream to the configured YouTube channel. You should be able to do this using the Wowza API's PushPublishRTMP class. There is an example code listed in the class javadoc as well.


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    This is exactly what I would like. But I'm not skilled enough to code it. I was able to make a some java code using the YouTube API that creates a live stream. But I'm not able to bind it all together and make it robust.
    So I really need someone who can help me with this (for money of course).

    I've tried "Find a consultant" without luck unfortunately.


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