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Thread: UDP unicast to UDP multicast?

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    Default UDP unicast to UDP multicast?


    I have an encoder that is sending UDP video (MPEG-TS). I configured a live application to view this video in a FlashRTMP Player. However, I have a need where I need Wowza to rebroadcast the video as UDP multicast. Is this possible? I tried PushPublish Module but nothing seems to be happening. Here is the entry in my PushPublishMap.txt file{profile:"mpegts", streamName:"myStreamMPEGTS", host:"", port:10000, rtpWrap:false}

    Here is how I am trying to set this up (Single stream from the encoder)
    Encoder ---UDP unicast----> Wowza |-----(Live application)-----> End User with browser
    Encoder ---UDP unicast----> Wowza |-----UDP multicast------> Other applications

    The other option is (Single stream from the encoder):
    Encoder ----UDP unicast----> Wowza| ----(UDP multicast)---->Wowza -----(Live application)--------> End user with browser
    Encoder ----UDP unicast----> Wowza| ----(UDP multicast)-----> Other applications

    I hope this is clear.

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    Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    Can you confirm the target network supports multicast?

    What URL and player are you testing playback of the pushed stream? The url to playback for mpeg-ts you are pushing from Wowza would be:
    You can enable debugging properties for the Push Publish add on:
    How to debug Push Publishing AddOn

    Kind regards,


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