I have an encoder that is sending UDP video (MPEG-TS). I configured a live application to view this video in a FlashRTMP Player. However, I have a need where I need Wowza to rebroadcast the video as UDP multicast. Is this possible? I tried PushPublish Module but nothing seems to be happening. Here is the entry in my PushPublishMap.txt file

test.stream={profile:"mpegts", streamName:"myStreamMPEGTS", host:"", port:10000, rtpWrap:false}

Here is how I am trying to set this up (Single stream from the encoder)
Encoder ---UDP unicast----> Wowza |-----(Live application)-----> End User with browser
Encoder ---UDP unicast----> Wowza |-----UDP multicast------> Other applications

The other option is (Single stream from the encoder):
Encoder ----UDP unicast----> Wowza| ----(UDP multicast)---->Wowza -----(Live application)--------> End user with browser
Encoder ----UDP unicast----> Wowza| ----(UDP multicast)-----> Other applications

I hope this is clear.