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Thread: How do see my rtmp:// on the web out of my lan network were wowza engine

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    Default How do see my rtmp:// on the web out of my lan network were wowza engine

    so i have set up my encoder and every thing work on he wowza engine but what ip address example (rtmp:// this address work fine on my lan network in office using VLC now how do i see my stream in my home internet using VLC player the rtmp:// is only local lan network where do i get the rtmp://???.???.???.???:1935/live/Mystream to watch on vlc player of the web ???? can some one explain me this i have open the port on my route 1935 and tryed using my ip address but notting work how do i find the stream using VLC PLAYER ?

    now i have open on my router the ip that the wowza is using is IP = and i have check to make sure that is the right port on the wowza but i still can not see my rtmp:// out of my lan network using my on using VLC using my ip address that would be like this rtmp:// as and example what am i doing work can some one tell me what port i need to open to access the stream of the wowza ?

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