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Thread: Adaptive Bitrate on a Wowza instance

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    Default Adaptive Bitrate on a Wowza instance

    Can you apply adaptive bitrate on the "standard" version of Wowza on AWS? if not how can you achieve it?

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    You can create your own ABR file by incorporating a number of streams with different bit rates into a smil file,

    e.g. if you have a number of streams with different bit rates, or a number of video assets with different bit rates, a simple smil file like this will be all you need:

         <video src="hi-livestream" system-bitrate="500000"/>
         <video src="lo-livestream" system-bitrate="250000"/>
    If you want Wowza to create a number of ABR outputs then you will need to add in the Transcoder AddOn. This will create a number of keyframe aligned streams from a single source, that again you can put into a smil file.

    This document describes the various scenarios. Some (such as The Transcoder) may not be available as part of your "standard" version.

    I'd recommend contacting with a list of your requirements and they'll point you in the right direction.


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    Great respons TXS

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