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Thread: Streaming ip cameras from subfolders

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    Question Streaming ip cameras from subfolders

    Good afternoon!
    In our project we need to use structure with subfolders. For ex. we have root folder ipcam and in this folder we have a lot of folders with number combinations. And in this folders we see a lot of files.

    1. /ipcam/
    2. /ipcam/01/

    In first variant I can give the stream by rtmp, rtsp, http (hls). rtmp://[ip-of-server]:1935/ipcam/
    In second var. I can't give the stream by rtsp and http(hls).
    rtmp://[ip-of-server]:1935/ipcam/mp4:01/ is working
    But rtsp://[ip-of-server]:1935/ipcam/mp4:01/ and http://[ip-of-server]:1935/ipcam/mp4.../playlist.m3u8 are not working! What should we do to stream from subfolder's files?

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    Hello there,

    Try adding _definst_ to the URL:
    Kind regards,


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    Salvadore, thank you! I tryed it in that day and everything was ok! Thank you a lot!

    With best regards,

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    That's great news Sergey. Thanks for the update and glad I was able to help get this working.

    Kind regards,


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