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Thread: Media Cache Setp up and Test

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    Default Media Cache Setp up and Test

    I would like to set up media cache and test it.
    Wowza is installed on a Windows 2012 and content folder is configured on a network drive: \\filever\content\.
    In the 'default' store, a new source was added:
    ** Source Type: file
    ** Prefix: path1/
    ** Base Path: \\filever\content\

    How can I test the media cache is working correctly?

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    If Media Cache can't write to the defined store location because of permissions, of lack of available disc space. Or if Wowza can't find the MediaCache.xml file, you will see errors in the logs.

    You can also enable MediaCache Logging to your server. To do so:
    1. Click the Server tab at the top of Streaming Engine Manager, and then select Server Setup in the manager contents pane.
    2. Click the Properties tab.
    3. In the Quick Links section, click Custom.
    4. Click Edit, and then click Add Custom Property.
    5. Add the following custom property:
    Path "Root/Server" | Name "MediaCacheDebugLog" | Type "boolean" | Value "True"

    You can start Wowza in stand-alone mode [install-dir]/startup.bat| to view the log output in the console.

    And to test playback:
    Media Cache playback

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