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Thread: A way to find the server start time in PHP

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    Default A way to find the server start time in PHP

    I hope this is the correct topic to post this question.

    We are using version 4.0.4. of Wowza Streaming Engine and I am wondering if there is any way we can get the server start time so we can use it in PHP script. Searched a little about this but found nothing which could help.

    So, is there any possibility to get this info by API or other method?

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    You could use http://server:8086/serverinfo and parse WowzaStreamingEngine/VHost/TimeRunning; it gives you the number of seconds the VHost has been running, which is more or less the same as how long the Server has been running. Alternatively, you could develop a custom module that pulls the required information via the API.

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    Thanks for your answer. It seems exactly what we need, but, I only have one more question. How shall we send the login credentials for http://server:8086/serverinfo?
    A login is required in order to be able to access the info.

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    The credentials are stored in /conf/admin.password - or you can use the Engine Manager's user management (under Server > Users) to manage this. If you look at conf/VHost.xml at the definition of the admin hostport, you'll see a HttpProvider with RequestFilter "serverinfo*" and its AuthenticationMethod is "admin-digest". That's for DIGEST authentication; you can change it to "admin-basic" for BASIC authentication, or to "none" for no authentication at all.

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    Thanks. It helps us a lot!

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