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Thread: Which web player are you using?

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    Question Which web player are you using?

    I've testing several JS/flash webplayers with wowza (jplayer, mediaelement, jwplayer, flowplayer, videojs). All of them have some good aspects, but none are completely working, they all fall short in a matter or another.
    So I'm wondering what player do you people use?

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    JW Player is very popular. You say it falls short? What are you looking for, and have you looked into the "pro" "premium" and "enterprise" editions?
    JW Player editions

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    Thanks for you reply.
    I don't remember exactly which feature was missing from jwplayer when I tested it a while ago. I'll give it another try. However I remember the pricing was ... not really compatible with my business.

    So we are the only two people using a player on the web? no wonder they are not complete then


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