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Thread: How many live streams could it produce?

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    Default How many live streams could it produce?

    I'm looking for a dedicated right now and i have a few question about the dedi i found below:

    Windows Server 2008
    Single E5-2620
    16GB RAM
    2 x 1TB HDD
    100TB Bandwidth
    the bitrate of each live stream would be 1.6Mbps,
    i wanted to ask how many publishers could live stream at the same time with Single E5-2620 CPU? i didn't manage to find any answer for that on the forums.
    also, will the 100TB/month would be enough for me?


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    It's difficult to give a reasonable answer to maximum numbers of publishers as there are so many variables involved - particularly around the areas of publish formats, bitrate, transoding etc. Our FAQ covers some of these points.

    If you are a registered user you can apply for access to our Load Testing tool. This document explains how it is used. The current version works by you setting up a number of published streams and then creating "workers" via the tool to load test it.


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