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Thread: Redundand RTSP/RTMP/HTTP live stream pulling

  1. Default Redundand RTSP/RTMP/HTTP live stream pulling


    in Wowza version 3.6 we use the stream name alias on the origin Wowza server with the following content in the file (streaming)

    We have a custom delimiter '!' in the config. So this line will instruct Wowza 3.6 to get the stream from source1 when a viewer requests the stream. If source1 goes down, Wowza can try source2. This is all done on the Wowza server that is configured as origin. This works like a charm in Wowza 3.6

    With Wowza 4, this is broken! I say that it is broken, because this is a hugh issue, where we cannot guarantee redundancy anymore for remote pulling. Why has this been removed from Wowza 4? Also working with a .stream file with multiple sources in the 'uri' parameter, does not work. Wowza reports the following error:

    RTPSessionDescriptionDataProviderBasicRTSPWorker.doConnect: convert : Illegal character in query at index 93: rtsp://viewer:viewer@|rtsp://viewer:viewer@|at$|at$Parser.checkChars(|at$Parser.parseHierarchical(|at$Parser.parse(|at<init>(|
    And yesh, the url is not a valid url because of the '|' sign. But this has always been working. And this does work on a server that is an edge/repeater server. So in the edge/repeater server you can specify a stream name with multiple sources. Why is this not possible with an origin server anymore?

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    Is there anybody from Wowza than can clarify the above?

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    My bad. For RTSP and HTTP it is not possible.

    Works only for RTMP.

    Would be a nice feature to have for RTSP and HTTP (IceCast) sources.

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