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    i need support to public my stream.

    I had a workstation at home white the ip : on this workstation i had install Adobe flash media live encoder 3.2 and Wowza 4.1.

    i become the stream from the HDMI port from reciver to worksation, my FML URL is my local wowza server "rtmp://"

    When i put the FMS URL (ip form my workstation and same time wowza server)

    I become the info that all is OK

    When i login in the wowza server i can test the stream white the player and is it ok, but when i will public the stream in internet where must i add

    my dns/extern ip adress form my lokal workstation ? and wich port i must open on the router ?

    Wait your answer,


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    On my Workstatio ni had WIN 8.1 x64

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    Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    In your router you need to port forward TCP port 1935 to the computer running Wowza. Or on your network you need to map port 1935 to the server running Wowza.

    This is a helpful resource:

    The URL for playback should be:
    EX: rtmp://
    Kind regards,


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