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Thread: loadbalanced edge origin config advices needed

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    Default loadbalanced edge origin config advices needed

    i'm working on setuping an edge origin structure, with a loadbalancer. the purpose is lowlatency web-conferencing

    my basic idead is as follow:

    - using the origin as loadbalancer and sharedObject manager (there are 3 sharedObjects used in my app to maintain the chat, userslist, and runtime session settings (slide position, current speaker etc)
    - using the edge servers to broadcast the audio/video

    the main reason for this setup is that some of my uses are doing pretty big conferences (over 1000) and this is creating a few issues.

    so the plan would be to connect all users to the sharedObjects on the origin server, and all incoming streams would be broadcasted to the origin too...

    the thing is i believe that the loadbalancing part would mess up with this (specially the sharedObject part) and i'm not sure about how to setup this config...

    my main problem is to make my app compatible with both single server and edge/origin configurations. and for the edge/origin, stop me if i'm wrong, but i guess i would have to open several connections in my app (lets say 1 connection would connect to an app instance dedicated to sharedObjects and incoming streams, and the second connection would connect the listeners to the loadbalancer). it would be great if i could achieve this using only 1 app and 1 connection, but it seems impossible as far as i understood how it works...any thoughts ?

    thanks for your help and suggestions

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    (very) stupid question about the loadbalancer after reading more about: what it actually just do (for rtmp redirect), is to return the value of the less loaded server, in order to "manually" re-attemp a connection to this server ? getting the values of serversIP/connectioncounts.xml would achieve the same result, right ?

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