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Thread: Newbie.. Looking at Teradek VIDIU... what next..

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    Default Newbie.. Looking at Teradek VIDIU... what next..

    Morning all, we are an AV company in the UK and currently do a lot of film work, have shied away from streaming in the past as we are always at different sites using hotels broadband connections which are not good to try and manipulate and get ports opened... but its time we bit the bullet and moved forward which may include satellite broadband as its now cheaper than it has been.
    I'm looking at a Teradek VIDIU which I can plug either directly into one of our cameras with HDMI or straight into our vision mixer with HDMI. I realise there are some settings to go with the VIDIU which need inputting which is fine. I think I'll need a laptop connected to the web and our Wowza account to make sure its streaming, and I'll need a port opening on the IP router/firewall for the traffic. Most of our work will be on customers own websites, so how do I get the live feed onto their website? is there a player I can get their web guy to put on the site and a link to the Wowza feed from me?
    I'll obvioulsy need a wowzer monthly access account...
    First job may be the end of January, local council conference, 6 hours stream to local residents... there are thousands of residents obviously but I cant see that many logging onto the councils website for the live feed, does the monthly Wowzer account work with this or do I need to pay more for more access ?

    Sorry for all the questions... new to this, old to some network knowledge too so not too bad, any help or comments appreciated.

    Many thanks


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    Hi Gary. Welcome to the Wowza support forum and thank you for considering Wowza for your streaming needs.

    First, there is no hard limit to the number of connections, or streams imposed by Wowza. This will be dependent on your server specs and bandwidth.

    Please find the hardware requirements specification below.
    System Requirements

    Minimum recommended production hardware
    CPU: Single Quad Core, 3.00 GHz or better
    RAM: 4GB
    Disk: 2 or more in RAID 0 (striping)
    Network: 1Gb Ethernet

    High-load recommended production hardware
    CPU: Dual Quad-Core or a single Hex-Core, 3.00 GHz or better
    RAM: 16-32GB
    Disk: 2 or more in RAID 0 (striping)
    Network: 5Gbps Ethernet

    Note: Java is capable of saturating a 5 Gbps NIC.

    Depending on your needs, you may decide to implement a Live Stream Repeater, which is an origin/edge configuration for delivering a single live stream across a multiple-server deployment to many viewers:
    How to configure a live stream repeater

    And for the player, take a look at JWPlayer which is a very popular option:

    I hope this answers your questions.

    Kind regards,


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