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Thread: Quick Sync on two-processor server - is it possible at this moment?

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    Default Quick Sync on two-processor server - is it possible at this moment?

    My server has dual Xeon E5-2670, running on Windows Server 2012. As far as I've found, the CPU itself is supporting Quick Sync feature. However, some info (including directly from Intel) on the Internet says that Quick Sync is not possible on multi-CPU configurations.

    So, is that server able to Quick Sync my streams or is it stuck in software mode only?

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    And another question here, for me not to increase threads count.

    With dual Xeon E5-2670 (so 2*8 cores, 2,66Ghz) how many streams I can transrate/transcode? Is there some universal measurement, like "gigaflops divided by megapixels"?

    I've read and, for example, single Intel Xeon CPU E3-1285 V3 @ 3.60GHz is able to transcode 3x720p @ 3.0 Mbps to 3x720p, 3x360p, 3x240p, 3x160p at 65% CPU load. Its "cores * GHz" is 14,4, and for my dual Xeon E5-2670 "cores * GHz" is 42,5, or about 2.9 times higher. Does it mean I'll be able to transcode roughly three times more streams at the same CPU load?

    With trial license, I've set up the transcoder to transcode a single input 1x1080i @ 5.6Mbps to 1080@4.8, 720@2.4, 576@1.6, 480@1.2, 336@800, 240@650, 192@250, 114@80. What I see is about 50% CPU load, but at the same time CPUs is at 50-60% of their frequency. So I'm struggling to measure the real load. If I'll create a transcoder template which will output each resolution several times (for example, one input stream and three transcoded streams 720p, three streams 576p and so on) will be any close to transcoding of actual three inputs?

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    E5-2670 does not have Quick Sync support.

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    Oh. I have been misguided by this

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