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Thread: Control the load on the Origin Server

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    Default Control the load on the Origin Server

    Hello, I have been using Wowza for about a year and think its a great program but I am a little confused about something. Here is my scenario:

    Server 1: LiveOrigin: I publish channels to the origin server using either adobe or IP VideoTrans. I publish using rtmp.

    Server 2: LiveEdge: My customers pull from the edge (wowz://originip:1935/liveorigin) using http HLS. Everything works fine.

    My problem is where the origin server is located I have limited bandwidth. Each time a customer pulls from the edge server it goes back to the liveorigin server. Is there a way that I can make all the traffic come from the Edge server? What I am trying to accomplish is that never more than 1 instance of each stream from the origin server is used. I have lots of bandwidth on the edge server side.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    It will only go back to the origin for each different stream and streaming type so once per different live stream for rtmp and once per different live stream for HLS etc. So there won't be a connection made to the origin for every connection made to the edge. Unless, of course, every viewer is pulling a different live stream.


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