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Thread: Live streaming from LG DVR model LE6016

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    Default Live streaming from LG DVR model LE6016


    Anyone here have experience with this or any other DVR devices?

    This one takes up to 16 analog cameras. It has an API that lets you get images from specified cameras from a remote location, but we want to have the cameras stream to Wowza individually.

    It would be great if someone with experience or knowledge of these devices could let me know if this is even possible with this type of device.


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    Hi Lee,

    I'm not that familiar with this device. I see it has an Ethernet port, but from a Wowza perspective and from reading the specs I don't believe it can re-stream your camera feeds into a compliant Wowza streaming format. You may need something in between to encode it, but the API sounds like there may be some promise there. Hopefully others more familiar with the product can assist you further.


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