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Thread: how to live stream using wowza and sencha extjs Framework

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    Default how to live stream using wowza and sencha extjs Framework

    Hello guys . Ive been using wowza streaming engine since couple of years with flash applications , jw player and flow player. Now i want to use any player (jw player or flow player or mediaelement) and incorporate it in sencha extjs framework and do live streaming on all devices. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Hello Aiman.

    I have not heard of this framework so thank you for pointing it out. I do not see any mention of it in the Wowza forum, and the Sencha forum has very little mention of Wowza.

    It is possible that someone with more knowledge of this framework will jump into this thread with some advice, but in the meantime you may consider posting to the find a consultant forum requesting an adviser to answer your questions and possibly implement a solution.

    Kind regards,


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