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Thread: Wowza camera reconection

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    Default Wowza camera reconection

    I have added camera stream to "Startup Streams". When I restarted Wowza couple of times, it did reconnect to the camera. But recently I found it is Waiting for stream and no video for long time. When I did "Connect to the stream" in "Stream Files", the stream was back online. All the properties have default values in Stream File -> Properties. Does Wowza keeps retrying to connect indefinitely after streams steam/connection breaks? Do I need to experiment with some values?


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    Can you examine your StartupStreams.xml (found in /conf) and double check you are referencing a stream file for that application? Also if possible check the wowzastreamingengine_access.log at the same time to see if there is anything of interest there.

    If you're still having difficulties, create a ticket referencing this post to and someone will look at it very quickly for you.

    Include zipped up copies of

    and copies of the stream files that you are using.


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