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Thread: How to get CPU Wow ?

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    Default How to get CPU Wow ?

    Dear everyone,

    I want to get CPU Wowza information of my Wowza Servers for a centralized monitor server.
    How can I get it by JMX or a java program?

    Thank you.

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    Please take a look at the "How to set up a command line interface to Wowza API to start/stop VHost using JMX" forum article showing a Java example on how to access the JMX interface.
    You can then use the "getSystemCpuLoad" function to get your system's CPU load.

    Also, there are other methods of monitoring a system load from a central location. You can also look into the CACTI tool which is pooling the information from the system using SNMP.
    Another possibility would be NAGIOS which is also able to send notifications when certain levels of CPU usage are reached.


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