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Thread: wowza push publish to CDN with dvr

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    Default wowza push publish to CDN with dvr

    I am trying to achieve following, let me know if its even possible.
    I have a live stream coming in to wowza. and I need to use push publish to push it to akamai network for delivery after an hour.
    So I am wondering if i can use DVR to record for an hour and push then.

    Basically trying to deliver live stream with an hour delay.


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    Yes this is possible but you wouldn't use nDVR for this, you would need to record the content using the recorder in Wowza Streaming Engine manager (WSEM) and segment the recording by duration. When the recording is segmented (each section is finished) you will be able to add it to a schedule to play the recording as a live stream. If this schedule is set to be 1 hour behind the live event you can then publish as live and push the new stream to Akamai using PushPublishing as intended before.


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