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Thread: Cant upload and create file in the content directory?

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    Default Cant upload and create file in the content directory?

    Trying to upload and create png files in the EC2 Wowza server using FTP....

    Can download and view content but cant create?

    I am logged in being Wowza admin and currently using a instance-ID, what is wrong?

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    The tutorial on How to ftp your media files into the content directory of an EC2 server is located in the Wowza Streaming for EC2 User's Guide on page 19 under the heading "Uploading files to the instance via FTP".

    You will need to Be sure to open TCP port 21 in your Security Groups settings so that you can connect to your instance using FTP. (See Opening ports for streaming.)

    You must also configure your FTP client to use PORT communication (ACTIVE mode). The FTP configuration doesn't support PASV communication (PASSIVE mode).
    Consult your FTP client documentation for more information.


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